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AdmiCash - Presentation

The base version is the central part of AdmiCash that provides all functions for accounting and the secure data transfer to the trustee. In the base version the company is created and recorded the necessary master data.

After creating the account books can be started immediately with the recorded of entries. For optimal control, AdmiCash instantly calculates the current balance. Have the account balance with the entries in the accounting books makes it all very easy and fast.

The base version AdmiCash also provides various evaluations. For a detailed list of all functions click here.  

AdmiCash is no Fibu but comfortable accounting. Therefore, you cannot create balance sheet and income statement.

AdmiCash can only create VAT invoice based on collected remuneration. If you are subject to VAT, but does not work with collected remuneration yet, it is necessary compile the form 1100-01 Request for report with collected remuneration at to the VAT administration.

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