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Welcome to AdmiCash
AdmiCash is an accounting software for small and medium enterprises. With AdmiCash, all movements of money of your company, are recorded and periodically transferred to the trustee by electronic.
With AdmiCash, not only you can transfer the data to the trustee, but also to PostFinance and the bank through e-banking or a simple order processing and invoicing with ISR receipt.

With AdmiCash, you can control the financial management of your company at all times and with a click, view and print the accounts books or create your VAT report.

With the trial version AdmiCash, you can test all functions free for 30 days. If you then acquire a license, the entered data remain and you can continue working without problems.
AdmiCash you can also use on a Mac. For more information click here.
AdmiCash GmbH - Dorfplatz 18 - 3902 Glis
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