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AdmiCash - QR-bill
The QR-bill will be introduce in Switzerland from 01.07.2020 and replaces all previous payment slips. So that you can process and generate the QR-bill (creditor version) in AdmiCash (debitor version), adjustments in the software and hardware (document reader) are required.

On this page, you will find information about the QR-bill, document readers, technical specifications and links to important documents regarding the harmonization of Swiss payments.

Take your time and find out about the QR-bill. The better you are informed and prepare, the easier it will be to switch to the QR-bill.

Important documents that contain descriptions for AdmiCash.
Please read these documents carefully.

Documents and links to the official SIX website and other interesting information as well as specifications for the QR-bill.
Instructions for AdmiCash

QR-bill: QR code readers
In this document, you will find the description of the readers for reading the QR codes in AdmiCash.

New IBAN for originator in AdmiCash-Creditor
Follow this document if you have received a new IBAN from the bank.
Documents and links

QR-bill specifications
Here you will find a lot of useful information about the new QR-bill.

The harmonization of Swiss payments
Payment Standards.CH: Everything about ISO 20022 and QR-bill.

SIX, Clearit
Here you will find publications on the standardization of Swiss payment transactions.

Test platforms
Here you will find a list of test platforms for ISO 20022 and QR-bill with instructions.
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